Minister for National Food Security and Research Tariq Bashir Cheema addressing a press conference at Press Information Department in Islamabad on December 28. 2022
  • A politician has made serious accusations against his rivals, accusing them of defaming his character.
  • Cheema is urging the formation of a commission comprising judges to investigate the matter thoroughly.
  • Furthermore, the minister has expressed his willingness to cooperate fully with the inquiry, even if it involves his own son.

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The ongoing investigation into the scandal at Islamia University Bahawalpur has raised concerns for Tariq Bashir Cheema, the minister for national food security and research. During a press conference at his Bahawalpur residence, he firmly denied any involvement of his son, Walidad Cheema, in the case, attributing the accusations to his political rivals’ efforts to tarnish his reputation.

As a senior politician affiliated with the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q), he advocated for the establishment of a commission comprising high court judges to thoroughly probe the matter. The scandal revolves around compromising videos and includes allegations of drug sales and the distribution of prohibited medicines.

The politician expressed his willingness to cooperate with any inquiry committee alongside his son. He emphasized that he would personally disown Walidad if any evidence of wrongdoing is proven against him.

Meanwhile, Punjab’s caretaker Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, announced the completion of the investigation into the university scandal. He assured that severe punishments await those responsible. He even hinted at the possibility of a judicial inquiry if deemed necessary.

The Case:

The matter of illegal activities, such as drug sales and the use of prohibited medicines, came to light at Islamia University Bahawalpur this month.

As a consequence, the university’s chief security officer, Ijaz Shah, was arrested a few days ago, while the director of finance, Muhammad Abubakar, had been arrested in June.

Following a forensic analysis of both officers’ mobile phones, a comprehensive report containing videos, chats, and photos was sent to CM Naqvi. Meanwhile, the university’s vice chancellor, Dr. Athar Mehboob, wrote to the provincial police chief, refuting the charges against his colleagues, deeming them “false.” He called for the formation of an investigation committee comprised of senior officers to ensure transparency.

Dr. Mehboob asserted in the letter that there were no illegal activities within the university and accused those opposing its development of trying to defame it.

In response to the situation, the university formed an internal committee to conduct an inquiry, suspending both suspects in the process.

Furthermore, the university announced its decision to subject all employees, including the VC himself, to a drug test, a measure taken in light of the officials’ arrests.

The IUB’s public relations department issued a press statement, claiming that the university strictly adhered to the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) directive and guidelines, maintaining zero tolerance towards drugs on campus.

As a result of the controversy, the VC eventually resigned from his position.

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