After a court convicts him guilty of selling state gifts received during foreign tours, the former prime minister calls for protests.

Imran Khan is pictured in a car as he approaches the Islamabad High Court to appear in cases brought against him. [File: Raja Imran Bahader’s handout, obtained via Pacific Press via Getty Images]

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, aged 70, has been apprehended in Lahore by the police. A trial court in Pakistan sentenced him to three years in prison for the illegal sale of state gifts during his tenure as Prime Minister from 2018 to 2022. The gifts, received during foreign visits, were valued at more than 140 million Pakistani rupees ($497,500).

The judgment delivered by Judge Humayun Dilawar asserts Imran Khan’s dishonesty, establishing his involvement in corrupt practices. He deliberately and willfully concealed the benefits he gained from the national exchequer. The case highlights the importance of ensuring that content is not only engaging but also exhibits a good amount of perplexity and burstiness while maintaining a low level of predictability.

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