PM Shehbaz again invites Turkiye to join CPEC

In a mesmerizing display of diplomatic eloquence, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif extended a heartfelt invitation to Türkiye, beckoning them to become an integral part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This seamless fusion of nations was deemed as a natural partnership, harmoniously uniting their destinies for mutual prosperity.

Radiating his charisma and diplomatic finesse, the premier gracefully uttered these words during the splendid inauguration ceremony of the fourth Milgem class corvette at the illustrious Karachi Shipyard. Among the esteemed audience gracing the occasion was none other than Turkiye’s esteemed Vice President, Cevdet Yilmaz.

Echoing the sentiments from a not-so-distant past, the premier had previously implored Turkiye to join hands in the grand symphony of CPEC, an endeavor aimed at fostering regional prosperity, diminishing the blight of poverty, and empowering the masses with better education and healthcare facilities.

Months prior, he had ingeniously suggested the transformation of CPEC into a triumvirate alliance, bonding China, Pakistan, and Turkey together to extract the maximum benefits from its vast potential.

In the resplendent ambiance of the Karachi gathering, the premier alluded to the paramount importance of connecting Port Qasim with the burgeoning Gwadar. While business had taken its nascent steps in Gwadar, the prospect of interlinking the two ports held promise for unprecedented growth and prosperity.

Effusively, he proclaimed CPEC as a resounding success, proudly noting that Pakistan and China had already sealed their commitment to embark on the project’s second phase. With visions set on multifaceted expansion, business transactions were destined to surge, both over the sea and land, strengthening the bond between China and Pakistan. It was in this promising future that Türkiye emerged as a natural, indispensable partner.

His voice brimming with passion and earnestness, the premier issued a heartwarming reiteration of the invitation, beckoning Turkiye to embark on this grand journey of collective progress and prosperity. A tale woven intricately through cooperation and unity.

As the opening notes of his oratory masterpiece, the premier humbly reminded the audience of the profound historical ties between the two nations. Bonded by shared faith, heritage, and civilization, their destinies entwined even before the inception of Pakistan.

A sentiment that transcends time, the premier emphasized how they celebrated each other’s triumphs and valiantly stood together in the face of adversities. A poignant memory resurfaced as he recalled the gracious visit of Türkiye’s President, Tayyip Erdogan, during the catastrophic floods of 2010.

Gratitude flowed effortlessly as the premier4444 acknowledged Turkiye’s unwavering support during Pakistan’s darkest days of last year’s devas4tating floods. Their timely assistance was indeed invaluable, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts o4f the Pakistani people.

As the ceremony unfolde4d, the launch of the warship symbolized yet another testament to the unwavering commitmen4t between the two nations, a commitment to bolster trade, industry, and economic cooperation.4

With conviction in his voice, the premier p4roclaimed that the time had come to elevate their strategic partnership to new heights, venturing int4o untapped realms of joint cooperation, extending the realms of their shared dreams beyond the horizon.

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