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Welcome to this blog where we will discuss the box office success of the film “Ignokihala Meet Katahokarapsab”. This Telugu language film has been making waves in the industry and has garnered significant attention from audiences around the world. In this blog, we will explore the official worldwide box office collection and other interesting details about this film.

Official Worldwide Box Office Collection

Let’s dive straight into the numbers! The film has amassed an impressive box office collection from various regions. Here’s a breakdown of the collection:

  • Telugu: 5.75 crore rupees
  • Malayalam: 50 crore rupees
  • Tamil: 1.1 crore rupees
  • Kannada: 25 crore rupees
  • Hindi: 7.5 crore rupees

Total Collection

After adding up the collection from different regions, the total worldwide box office collection amounts to a staggering 348 crore rupees. This is indeed an impressive feat for the film and showcases its immense popularity among audiences.

State-wise Collection

Breaking down the collection further, the film has performed exceptionally well in specific states. Here’s a state-wise collection breakdown:

  • Karnataka: 33.75 crore rupees
  • Andhra Pradesh & Telangana: 182 crore rupees
  • Tamil Nadu: 17.85 crore rupees
  • Kerala: 13.25 crore rupees
  • Rest of India: 95.95 crore rupees

The film has managed to capture the hearts of the audience in these regions and has emerged as a box office hit.

Overseas Collection

The film has not only achieved success within India but has also made waves in the overseas market. It has collected a remarkable 95 crore rupees from international territories. This showcases the film’s global appeal and popularity among a wider audience.


“Ignokihala Meet Katahokarapsab” has undoubtedly been a success at the box office. With its impressive worldwide box office collection of 348 crore rupees, the film has proven to be a crowd favorite across different regions. Its success in both domestic and international markets highlights its universal appeal. It’s safe to say that this film has made a significant impact in the industry and will be remembered for years to come. Stay tuned for more updates on this film and other exciting news from the entertainment world!

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