ToshaKhana case:
ToshaKhana case:

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The trial court’s proceedings were not halted by the Islamabad High Court, as stated in the following text.
Ideally, the High Court should have issued a directive either granting or rejecting the injunction, as mentioned in the text.
The PTI chairman’s legal team urgently filed an appeal against the High Court’s decision on the Toshakhana case with the Supreme Court.

According to the application, the Islamabad High Court refrained from stopping the trial court’s proceedings.

It was pointed out that due to the denial of the injunction, the trial court’s hearing would proceed to completion, rendering appeals to the High Court ineffective after the trial concludes.

The petition further emphasized that the High Court should have given a clear decision on whether to grant or reject the injunction.

Subsequently, the petitioner sought the intervention of the Supreme Court to restrain the trial court from moving forward with the proceedings.

Furthermore, the PTI chairman had urgently requested a hearing on the appeal, while the statement of the PTI chief under Section 342 in the Tosha Khana case was still pending to be recorded.

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